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Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a photographer. I got my first camera when I was twelve and was continually curious, frequently borrowing my dad’s camera. When people ask how long I have been shooting I could say 20 years, because it is the truth. But I have not been shooting at this level near as long for one reason.

Confidence. And I did not have it.

I actually found I like photographing food for awhile (and still do). But it was because I did not have to talk to anyone except at the beginning and end of the shoot.

So you may be asking what changed?

Well two things primarily. The first was my son being diagnosed with autism. Hard things require big changes. And I have had to dig deep, more than once.

The second thing was Sue Bryce. She spoke my language of personal development I had learned with autism and showed us how to do what we love in a way that can positively impact other women.

While confidence continues to be a daily opportunity I love photographing now. I love working with women and girls to not only capture the portrait of their dreams- but build them (and their confidence) as well.

Specialties: Branding, Headshots, Portrait, Kids, Special needs, Glamour/Fashion